Wednesday Well Drilling in Nicaragua

On the way to the worksite we stopped to buy t-shirts for the boys since we had brought donated dresses for the girls. At the worksite, we flushed the sand out of the well. The men from the community carried buckets and buckets of water from a nearby shallow well until there wasn’t any more water. Later we were able to just use the compressor to flush the water out until it had no more sand in it.
Meantime, Dana, Coleen and Kenya entertained the kids with the hygiene lessons about tooth brushing and food groups, with some songs and stories mixed in. After lunch, the kids played games -including Kirk standing in as a basketball hoop. We helped them make bracelets with pipe cleaners and then each child got a dress or shirt and toothbrush with toothpaste.
The concrete pad for the pump was made by the men from the community with our leader, Angel, providing instructions. They seemed happy to have a task to do since there’s not much to do while the well gets flushed. It’s kind of like watching paint dry.
After dinner we went into town for ice cream. Leon has a university with lots of folks milling around at night. We stopped at the cathedral built in 1747. Then we came back to the team house to rest up for our final day at the worksite.
Leslie and Dana