Thursday Well Drilling in Nicaragua

Thursday was a big day – the day of the well dedication. When we arrive at the worksite, the men had filled in the two pits we had used for the bentonite. Dana, Coleen, Kenya and I sorted and re-packed the boxes of hygiene education materials so they would be ready for the next group. Meanwhile, the men assembled and installed the hand pump for the well.

One of the Living Water staff dressed up as a clown and put on a show for the kids. He led them in several silly songs. The kids loved it.

Then we all gathered around the well. The Pastor said a prayer. Rosa, the community’s leader, thanked us for helping the community to receive a well. The five of us from the US each tried to say how blessed we felt to have been able to work with them to bring a well to their community. It was very emotional.

Rosa had prepared a delicious chicken soup for us. After lunch, we headed back to the Living Water house and then to the beach for dinner at a restaurant. The beach was lovely with a cool breeze. We walked along the beach, watched the surfers (including our Living Water staff person, Stu) and ate a variety of seafood for dinner. The sunset was beautiful.

Leslie & Dana