Tuesday Well Drilling in Nicaragua

Drilling the well

Drilling the well

Each morning we start with a devotion at 6:30am.  The air is cool and we sit in the patio at the front of the house. Dana led Tuesday’s devotion with a piece from “The Way” devotional about doing good works for God and not for show.

On Tuesday, we re-drilled the well with a larger bit, using the bentonite slurry.  We took turns operating the rig.  It was good that Angel, one of our leaders, stood right next to the rig to remind us what to do next.  The metal pipe was removed, a section at a time. Then the PVCcasing was inserted.  Each section was glued to the next, wait for 60 seconds for the glue to dry, and then lowered into the hole.  A sliding “stopper” held the wide junction of each section to keep the whole thing from disappearing down the hole.  The PVC was installed by lunchtime.  We had tuna salad over rice.  Some of the ladies in the community also made fish lunches for the crew.  Living Water doesn’t encourage the community to make lunches because it’s quite expensive for them to feed a whole crew.

Dana and Colleen’s morning hygiene lesson was about germ transmission.  They had a quite realistic little plastic piece of “poo” to demonstrate how a fly (mosca) lands on the poo and then spreads germs.  They also had a great craft activity with the moms where they made a mirror frame by decorating a paper plate and had a bible verse attached.

Fun crafts


Kenya is our interpreter. She studied English in Leon and has been very helpful. Dana is trying to use her limited Spanish and learning to use a few words during hygiene instruction. Wednesday’s topic is nutrition.

We brought little homemade dresses to give to the girls in the community and will be purchasing something for the boys.

Dana and the kids


In the afternoon we put the smaller PVC pipe into the well and flushed it until the brown water turned a much paler color. We had quite a crowd watching and helping. There was plenty of good natured teasing and joking going on. We returned to the guest house for showers and another great Nicaraguan dinner.